Gripset 4858 15 Litres Wet Area Membrane



Gripset 4858 is a fibre reinforced, single part liquid rubber membrane with unique colour changing technology designed for waterproofing wet areas, showers, laundries on concrete slabs and general structures that will be covered over with toppings, tile beds or overlay finishes.

Compliant to AS/NZS 4858:2004, Gripset 4858 satisfies the requirements of AS3740 “Waterproofing Wet Areas in Residential Buildings”.

Developed by advanced polymer technology, 4858 is flexible and elastomeric, displaying excellent waterproofing features with low water vapour transmission properties and the ability to withstand wet conditions without re-emulsification of the cured membrane.

Another key feature of the Gripset 4858 membrane is its colour changing feature that indicates when second coat is ready to apply. When cured Gripset 4858 is a compatible bonding surface for a variety of toppings, renders, tiles and screeds to adhere without concerns of incompatibility or de-bonding

Features & Benefits

  • Water based, free of solvents, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Waterproof membrane specific for wet area waterproofing
  • Flexible & Elastomeric, accommodating normal building substrate movement
  • Compatible with tile finishes, concrete, render and masonry toppings
  • Durable and tough seamless finish
  • Excellent low water vapour transmission properties
  • Can be applied by brush or roller on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Low odour and free of dangerous fumes in warm and/or confined areas.
  • Colour changes from Pink to Red to clearly indicate second coat application



Gripset 4858 is suitable for residential waterproofing applications. Waterproofing Uses

  • Internal wet areas, bathrooms, laundries and tiled areas
  • Suitable to be covered over with screeds and toppings
  • General tiled areas to prevent moisture ingress


Substrates suitable for bonding Gripset 4858 over include:

  • Concrete, render and masonry
  • Fibre cement sheeting, plasterboard and structural sheeting
  • Wet area timber sheeting and external grade plywood
  • Aerated concrete panels and blocks
For further information on suitable surfaces and substrates contact technical department of Gripset Industries for correct advice on surface preparation and suitability.


Application and Coverage Where applicable the application of Gripset 4858 must comply with the following standards:

AS3740- 2010 - Waterproofing of wet areas within residential areas Product is to be applied in a minimum of 2 coats at a total minimum coverage of 1.5 litres/m2; forming a minimum dried film thickness of approximately 1.2mm. Apply subsequent coats at different directions to the previous coat, subsequent coats may be applied when Gripset 4858 changes from Pink to Red. Coverage is dependent upon surface condition and will vary accordingly as uneven and porous surfaces will require greater coverage to achieve the specified film thickness. Product can be applied by roller or brush.

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Gripset 4858 15 Litres Wet Area Membrane

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