FlexPrime - Two Component Modified Polymer Primer

FlexPrime is a versatile two-component modified polymer primer specially designed as a penetrating bond agent for concrete and steel. This high-quality primer promotes strong adhesion to damp concrete, prevents pinholes caused by outgassing, and can be used to stop the advancement of corrosion over tightly adhered rust.

Surface Preparation:

Before application, ensure that the concrete or masonry surfaces are free from dust, dirt, oil, curing compounds, and concrete sealer. Surfaces should be clean, dry, dense, and slightly roughened to provide an anchor profile. Damp surfaces are acceptable, but avoid saturation or ponding. For re-bar or steel surfaces, remove any loose rust through blasting or mechanical means.


To prepare FlexPrime for application, combine equal parts of Part A and Part B using a power mixer and mix for approximately two minutes. Do not add new material to previously mixed parts, and only mix the quantity that can be used within the pot life.

Apply the primer onto the surface using a brush or roller, ensuring thorough penetration into the substrate. Leave a smooth, thin coating without creating ridges or puddles.

Physical Data:

  • Solids by Volume: 100%
  • Recommended Spread Rate: 200-300 sq ft./gal. (Wet/Dry mil-3-8 mils)
  • Mix Ratio by Volume: 1:1 ratio
  • Flash Point: >200°F (93°C)
  • Weight Per Gallon (mixed): 8.8 lbs
  • MVT (ASTM E 96-80, perms): 0.032
  • Pot Life: 10-15 minutes @ 77°F, 60% RH (Pot life will be reduced in mixing container with large quantities).
  • Tack Free (to touch): 1-2 hours @ 77°F, 60% RH
  • Topcoat: At tack
  • Cleanup: Acetone
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year

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