Flexkrete 102 Resin

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FlexKrete is an innovative and flexible resin designed to create a high-performance mortar for a wide range of horizontal and vertical surfaces. By mixing it with kiln-dried aggregates and sand, you can achieve a durable mortar for horizontal areas, or with Fumed Silica substitution for vertical surfaces up to 150mm without slump. Its quick curing time allows for full traffic use in just 45 to 90 minutes, making it ideal for time-sensitive projects.

Typical Uses

  • Repair pot holes and broken concrete
  • Fix spalls in concrete
  • Rebuild broken curbs and platforms
  • Restore integrity of distressed concrete
  • Bridge deck repairs and slabs
  • Parking lots and parking decks
  • Floors, docks, and ramps
  • Non-skid coating for floors, steps, and walkways
  • Driveway and sidewalk renovation
  • Rebuild stairways
  • Control joints
  • Equipment bases
  • Anchor bolts and posts
  • Level concrete surfaces


  • Excellent weathering ability for long-lasting performance
  • Superior slump resistance, maintaining shape during application
  • Strong adhesion for reliable bonding
  • Ability to feather edge or perform full-depth repairs in one mix
  • No volume loss when filled, ensuring consistent results
  • Variable work time for adaptability
  • Easy to finish for a smooth and professional appearance
  • Paintable to match your desired aesthetics


1 liter of FlexKrete mixed with 4 liters of sand will cover the following average thickness areas:

  • 4 sqmt @ 1mm
  • 2 sqmt @ 2mm
  • 1 sqmt @ 4mm
  • 0.5 sqmt @ 8mm
  • 0.25 sqmt @ 16mm

For roll and broadcast repairs, coverage will vary from 2-4 sq meters per liter, depending on substrate type, porosity, and aggregate size.


Tools should be cleaned with acetone immediately after use.

Shelf Life

Unopened containers of FlexKrete have a shelf life of 6 months when stored between 5°C and 32°C. Refrigeration can extend the shelf life.


For increased bond strength, Flexprime is suitable for most substrates when applied before FlexKrete. In low temperatures, a neat solution of FlexKrete and Flextemp is recommended. For detailed information, consult the data sheet.

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Flexkrete 102 Resin

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