Everbond SBP Primer - Solvent-based

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Primer SBP is a premium clear acrylic in a solvent solution that acts as a versatile sealer for a wide range of substrates. It offers deep penetration and cures to form a clean, tough, and resilient coating with a satin finish. This solvent-based primer is designed for challenging surfaces and provides excellent binding properties. It is particularly useful for high density and low-porosity surfaces like tilt-up slabs. When applied to pavers, brick, sandstone, and masonry surfaces, Primer SBP creates an appealing 'wet-look' finish.

Product Characteristics:

  • Colour: Clear
  • Sizes: 4 Litres, 15 Litres

Features of Primer SBP:

  • Quick drying - usually within 1 hour
  • Dries tough and hard
  • Provides a waterproof and weatherproof barrier against water ingress
  • Minimizes surface fragmentation with excellent binding properties
  • UV resistant, suitable for exposed areas
  • Dries clear with an attractive satin finish
  • Can be re-coated
  • Enhances the waterproofing properties of the overall system when used as a primer
  • Low dirt pick-up

Applications of Primer SBP:

  • Concrete, cement, cement render, acrylic coatings, and membranes
  • FC and CFC sheeting, blue board, block work, bricks
  • Cement pavers, sandstone, concrete stencil, and masonry surfaces

Primer SBP can be applied by brush, roller, or spray at the recommended application rates. It is suitable for use as an encapsulating binder, clear weatherproof sealer, primer, or for achieving a trafficable 'wet-look' finish. Each coat should be allowed to dry before applying additional coats, and subsequent coats are best applied within 24 hours of the previous coat for optimal results.

Compatible Membranes

Everflex WPM
Everflex WPUV

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Everbond SBP Primer - Solvent-based

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