BRW Waterstop Swell Seal


Gripset BRW Swell Seal is a high-performance, reinforced, multipurpose self-adhesive, hydrophilic butyl rubber waterstop that swells to form a water-tight seal. It is designed for static or low movement construction joints, cold joints, and penetrations on various concrete surfaces. BRW Swell Seal offers a long-lasting, durable, watertight compression seal, protecting against moisture ingress. Its exceptional performance is a result of the combination of butyl rubber, stainless steel reinforcement, and hydrophilic components.

Features & Benefits:

  • Self-adhering application for easy installation
  • Creates a long-lasting compression seal
  • Provides watertight sealing properties
  • High strength core reinforcement for added durability
  • Expansion delay to avoid premature swelling
  • Resistant to wet/dry cycles
  • Primer-less application (on dust-free and stable surfaces)
  • Suitable for submerged environments
  • Easy workability and deformability over substrates
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Flexible to accommodate movement
  • Outstanding adhesion retention at low temperatures
  • Withstands common ground contaminants
  • No drying required for time-saving application
  • Solvent-free and non-toxic
  • Can be used in conjunction with Gripset underground/immersed systems


Gripset BRW Swell Seal is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Concrete foundations and walls
  • Concrete slabs, including elevated ramps
  • Lift pits
  • Precast construction
  • Pools, tanks, water containing structures
  • Tunnels, pipes, and underground vaults
  • Marine environments
  • General shotcrete and pile applications

Surface Preparation:

  • Surfaces must be clean, smooth, and dust-free
  • Surfaces must be dry and free of any residual moisture to avoid pre-swell
  • Rough surfaces must be leveled or smoothed with Gripset SB

Installing BRW Swell Seal Waterstop:

  • Can be installed directly onto the concrete surface or to a formed channel in the concrete
  • Optimum results achieved by applying Swell Seal onto even smooth surfaces. Undulating surfaces may slow the application.
  • Ensure a 50mm cover from the edge of the concrete to the face of the Swell Seal to prevent any concrete blow-outs.
  • Swell Seal should be positioned between two rows of reinforcing steel to support optimum product placement.
  • Joint surfaces must be free of loose dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Place Swell Seal in position, and remove release backing from the adhesive side in small sections.
  • Apply moderate hand pressure to press a continuous roll of Swell Seal firmly onto the surface.
  • Ends are to be butt-joined or kneaded together to form a continuous watertight seal.
  • Check adhesion of the Swell Seal strip is correctly and fully adhered to surfaces.
  • Gripset 11Y can be applied as a surface adhesion enhancer on surfaces where bonding may be compromised. Apply Gripset 11Y to the surface, allow it to tack off, then place Swell Seal onto the primed areas.
  • For extremely rough surfaces, fill voids first and then use Gripset SB to adhere the Swell Seal.
  • Placement of concrete can commence once Swell Seal is correctly bonded to surfaces. Care must be taken to ensure the Swell Seal is not dislodged during the concrete application.

Storage Conditions:

BRW Swell Seal is best used within 12 months of purchase; however, its properties will be unchanged if stored correctly. It is best stored at room temperature in dry internal conditions and is not affected by frost or cold floors.


BRW Swell Seal is available in 5m roll lengths, with a width of 25mm and a thickness of 10mm.

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BRW Waterstop Swell Seal

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